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Russ Pinder

Stylish sounds from a talented keyboard artist

Russ PinderStylish sounds are the trade mark of one of the most talented keyboard artists around the home counties. Thirty years of professional entertaining has gone into perfecting the skills of Russ Pinder at the various keyboards at his disposal. His career has spanned three decades and half of the globe, working with many famous artists in theatres, clubs, hotels and nightclubs.

Some of the stars that have worked with Russ are Brian Conley, Bobby Davro, Faith Brown, Bob Monkhouse, Vince Hill, Shane Richie, Lee Evens, Max Bygraves and a whole host more. Many of his appearances have been with groups from 4-piece to big bands on the stage, T.V. and radio and on recordings with many artists. Extensive tours in Spain, U.S.A, Canada, Mexico and throughout Europe have added a great store of experience to the expertise of this keyboard genius.

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