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Amy Langmead

tear it up with dance or soft sounds in the background

solo female artiste Amy started her entertaining career as a Butlins Redcoat, presenting and hosting shows and then went on to star in the shows, including Redcoat Welcome Show and Red Idol which helped her big personality shine through. She went on to entertain the American masses onboard the Carnival Valor sailing and entertaining and singing through the seas of the Carribbean.

On returning home she soon had regular bookings at local venues, Pubs, Clubs, Golf courses, Weddings, Private Party functions and large fundraising events, her personal favourite being Breast Cancer Care!

Her range and variety of music is about as big as her personality. She will happily tear up a dancefloor with a great crowd with Club Classic dance anthems, cheesy pop, old school disco ... or alternatively be heard in a distance with some smooth soul, swing, blues and jazz!

She says "My objective as a singer is to ensure every single guest enjoys every note I sing and every part of the night and they also see that I too am enjoying it as much! Singing is not a job to me but a passion and a natural way of life."

There is an audio sample of Amy Langmead here:

1. Hallelujah

2. Mercy

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