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The Onion Band

The Onion Band Legendary folk rockers The Onion Band formed in 1984 and have spent over 30 years perfecting their unique brand of Folk/Rock. Stereotypical "finger in the ear" folkies, they are not. "We've played rock pubs, country pubs, city pubs & social clubs. We wouldn't have lasted five minutes if we sang thirty verses about dead fishermen". This is folk music for people who don't like folk music.

The Onion Band The band don't attempt to copy traditional styles of playing. This was the rock music of its day! They interpret it appropriately, but with respect. The Onion Band play songs that people want to hear. They play dance tunes in a way that actually makes you want to dance. Their broad repertoire of traditional and contemporary material is designed to entertain, not impress. Their combination of instruments is unique; it shouldn't work, but it does - magnificently. They play with confidence born of over 30 years gigging. They are absolute masters of what they do.

The performers in the Onion Band are:
Tony O'Neil (electric mandolins & vocals)
Tony is a real musician's musician - brilliant and original. He rehearses rarely, preferring to improvise instead. It is unusual for him to play anything the same way twice. This means that the band's material is constantly evolving.

Pug Rayner (lead vocals, bouzouki & acoustic guitars)
Pug is a huge presence - sweating profusely and singing as though his life depends on it. He doesn't so much play instruments as beat them into submission. He has previously sung in punk and heavy rock bands; his style hasn't altered much.

The Onion Band

What people have said:

  • "A delight from start to finish" - Stephen Foster, BBC Suffolk
  • "The lead vocalist doesn't exactly sing folk songs - his approach is nearer to grabbing them by the balls and kicking the sh*t out of them!" - Dave Bryant, Mudcat Cafe
  • "One of the best night's entertainment The Half Butt has had in a long time. Roll on their next visit." - Facebook September 2011
  • "Thanks for a top night fellas" - Mark Diggins, White Hart, Weeley.

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