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Him and Her

The Cockney Duo

Him and Her Cockney Russ Pinder Tracy Lea and Russ Pinder are well known accomplished performers in their own right and have been entertaining professionally for many years. Due to public demand for cockney duos it was logical to combine their talents and create a full cockney style show that would embrace the best of a wealth of patriotic and traditional singalong songs, together with banter, comedy and rhyming slang so typical of the London scene.

Experience has shown them that songs from others eras, such as the sixties and seventies - and indeed the nineties - are not out of place on cockney nights and so they broaden out the repertoire if the occasion permits. Many functions have benefited from their ability to expand the entertainment into other areas, i.e. for dancing or just listening, and for their response to requests when possible.

"Him and Her" are currently using superb sound equipment and state of the art keyboards that are used 'live' for flexibility, with a heavy leaning towards pub piano style when appropriate, but also bigger vocal, big band or orchestral styles required by some of their other material. As you would expect, they also wear the 'pearly' outfits, but can also dress in army uniforms or a variety of matching outfits.

The professionalism of "Him and Her" is ideally suited to any type of venue, from clubs and pubs to hotels, golf clubs and cruises. They are no strangers to television and radio and have been entertaining abroad on many occasions.

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