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Jeff Stevenson

Reliable, professional and very funny

Jeff Stevenson After starting out as a child actor in 'Bugsy Malone' Jeff was booked for his first paid gig at just 15. Jeff has been a top-rated comedian for over three decades and hugely enjoys performing stand-up comedy to audiences around the world. Jeff is always able to move with the times, keeping his act up to date and topical by writing new material daily.

Jeff loves to work the room and share banter with members of the audience without ever offending them. He will always adapt his material to suit the requirements of the client. Jeff has always enjoyed the reputation of being a clean comedian when it comes to corporate engagements. His material is up to date and consists of observational comedy and punchy one liners as well as plenty of off the cuff ad-libbing.

As well as having numerous TV (Only Fools and Horses), Radio and Film (Bugsy Malone) performances behind him, Jeff is also a hit with TV executives as he is possibly the best warm-up man in the UK. Jeff is also one of a limited list of British comedians who can work to an American audience, a very specific skill.

Jeff is also a very capable MC and will move any award ceremony along at a pace that ensures the audience never lose interest. Jeff's many years of experience as one of the UK's top TV warm-up comics can help a corporate evening start off in style with the room in the right mood. On many occasions Jeff has "warmed up" a room full of delegates before the managing director takes the stage to make a speech. This has proved extremely effective especially if it's early morning and the delegates are still half asleep! Jeff also runs fund raising auctions - we all know how an auction can drag on and on but not with Jeff in charge, as he will make the auction not only quicker but also more enjoyable.

In 2000 Jeff set up an entirely new act of alternative comedy circuit. This resulted in Jeff as 'Harvey Oliver' playing most of the UK's leading comedy clubs. Jeff still works as Harvey, headlining most weekends in clubs such as Highlights, Jongleurs and many more.

If you are looking for a reliable, professional and above all very funny comedian then Jeff Stevenson is the ideal choice.

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