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Ali James (Ajay)

Immensely popular with her hilarious clean humour.

Winner of best comedy entertainer for the East Midlands 2012!

Ali James (Ajay) Ali James (formerly perfoming as Ajay) is one of the most unique all round comedy entertainers mainly attributable to her vast previous experience in bands, and as part of a very successful comedy duo. She is indeed one of the forerunners in clean comedy.
Her current blend of comedy with an excellent singing voice always leaves her audiences wanting more, whether it is for more laughs or more songs.

Her comedy is based on a female perspective of married life. The female section of her audience always gets behind her, whilst she goes to great pains to exaggerate the inadequacy of the male species, with hilarious results.

Ali James can never be accused of being blue or offensive and would find the use of bad language to obtain laughs abhorrent.
Her busy schedule takes her to holiday centres, corporate events, military balls and cabaret shows. She is currently in great demand for guest comedy appearances on cruise ships and Thompson Holidays, appearing in their Gold Hotels in Ibiza and Tenerife, where she is immensely popular.

Ali James retains the flexibility to perform a second performance for dancing with a repertoire of songs, which incorporates songs from the sixties to the present day (by special arrangement only).

Ali carries with her, her own powerful top of the range sound equipment, her self-contained backing tracks are individually written and recorded to her precise requirements. The studio quality reproduction along with her very powerful singing voice on stage, produces exceptionally polished performances and enhances her audiences' enjoyment.

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